Zero In Moth Rings Cedarwood Pack

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Complete protection from clothes moths. Zero In delivers a wide range of clothes moths solutions for complete protection of stored clothing and natural fabrics. Zero In Cedarwood Moth Rings are a 100% natural repellent and prevents them from damaging woollens, silk, furs and natural fibres in household wardrobes and cupboards.

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Zero In Cedarwood Moth Rings are made from 100% natural Eastern aromatic red cedar. They provide effective, long-lasting control of clothes moths without the use of chemicals. The cedarwood balls also help prevent build-up of mustiness and mildew and can be placed in drawers and cupboards along with fabrics. Refresh the scent by rubbing with fine-grade sandpaper or by using Zero In Cedarwood Refresher Spray (sold separately).


10 Moth Rings


  • Visible damage to clothing (holes)
  • Seeing larvae and/or adult moths
  • Webbing/cocoons in corners of wardrobes or drawers


  • 100% natural moth repellent
  • Eastern aromatic red cedar freshens clothes and protects against clothes moth damage
  • Long-lasting chemical-free control
  • Can be placed in drawers and cupboards
  • Refresh with Zero In Cedarwood Refresher Spray


7.8 x 3 x 24.5cm

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Dimensions 7.8 × 3 × 24.5 cm