Zero In Moth Killer Hanging Unit Pack

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Complete protection from clothes moths. Zero In delivers a wide range of clothes moths solutions for complete protection of stored clothing and natural fabrics. Zero In Moth Killer Hanging Units instantly kills moths and prevents them from damaging woollens, silk, furs and natural fibres in household wardrobes and cupboards.

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Protect clothes in wardrobes and cupboards with Zero In Moth Killer Hanging Unit. The chemical-release unit effectively kills clothes moths, larvae and eggs for up to 6 months. Use as part of your clothes moth treatment or as a refill for the Zero In Multi-Hook Clothes Moth Killer.


Contains Transfluthrin.


2 Hanging Units


  • Visible damage to clothing (holes)
  • Seeing larvae and/or adult moths
  • Webbing/cocoons in corners of wardrobes or drawers


  • Kills clothes moths, their larvae and eggs.
  • Long-lasting control for up to 6 months.
  • Hang or stand in clothes storage areas.
  • No unpleasant smells, drips or staining.


24 x 11 x 2cm

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