Zero In Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Trap

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Complete protection from clothes moths. Zero In delivers a wide range of clothes moths solutions for complete protection of stored clothing and natural fabrics. Demi-diamond clothes moth pheromone trap catches clothing moths and prevents them from damaging woollens, silk, furs and natural fibres in household wardrobes and cupboards.

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Protect clothes in storage with proven pheromone technology from Zero In. The Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Killer is designed by experts and tested by professionals, with millions sold worldwide. The traps are a discreet and effective way to monitor clothes moth infestations and protect delicate woollens and fabrics. Poison-free and easy to use, clothes moths are attracted into the trap from which they cannot escape.


  • Visible damage to clothing (holes)
  • Seeing larvae and/or adult moths
  • Webbing/cocoons in corners of wardrobes or drawers


  • Chemical and poison-free clothes moth repellent
  • Lasts for up to 12 weeks
  • Fragrance-free, non-staining treatment does not drip
  • Refill with Zero In Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Killer refills


24 x 13 x 6cm

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