Yellow Spun Metallic Bauble 8cm

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Brighten your festive décor with our Yellow Spun Metallic Bauble. Measuring 8cm in diameter, this captivating ornament showcases an intricate spun design, enveloped in a vibrant yellow metallic finish. Its distinctive patterns and vivid hue make it a unique and striking addition to any Christmas tree.


  • Diameter: 8cm
  • Colour: Yellow Metallic
  • Design: Spun Metallic

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Vivid Allure: The vibrant yellow metallic finish adds a pop of colour, making this bauble a standout piece in any festive arrangement.
  • Intricate Detail: The unique spun metallic pattern offers depth and intricacy, captivating attention and sparking conversations.
  • Adaptable Charm: The 8cm size and distinctive design allow it to complement a variety of holiday decorating themes, from traditional to modern.

Brighten your holiday décor with this Yellow Spun Metallic Bauble and enjoy the vivid allure it brings to your seasonal celebrations.

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Dimensions 10.00 × 10.00 × 10.00 cm


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