White Bauble with Skiing Motif 10cm

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Indulge in a whimsical winter adventure with our White Bauble with Skiing Motif, measuring 10cm in diameter. Adorned with tiny skiing figurines atop, available in three charming designs, this bauble transports you to a snowy mountainside, right from the comfort of your home.

Please note: These ornaments are sold separately, offering you the flexibility to create a personalised, elegant assortment to match your festive décor.


  • Material: Glass, Plastic (for figurines)
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Design: White Bauble with Skiing Motif (3 different designs)

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Playful Imagery: The tiny skiing figurines present a playful imagery, invoking the joy and adventure of skiing down snowy slopes.
  • Unique Design: Each of the three different designs captures a distinct skiing scenario, adding variety and a narrative to your Christmas décor.
  • Winter Wonderland: The skiing motif against the white bauble backdrop creates a miniature winter wonderland, enriching the festive ambiance.
  • Charming Detail: The meticulous detail in the design of the skiing figurines and the bauble adds a touch of charm and whimsy to your decorations.

The White Bauble with Skiing Motif is not merely a decoration; it’s a small portal to a snowy escapade, ready to add a touch of magic to your Christmas tree. Its playful design, coupled with the delicate detail, makes it a conversation starter, evoking smiles and holiday cheer among your guests. It’s more than just a bauble; it’s a story of winter fun, ready to twinkle amidst the lights and ornaments, enriching the festive narrative that unfolds in your home during the holiday season. Each glance at this bauble is sure to warm hearts, reminding all of the playful joys winter brings.

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