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Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair has a unique blend of ingredients to help repair any patch on any lawn. It contains water retaining granules to help eliminate local dry patches as well as salt and ammonia neutraliser to repair pet urine damage. Gro-Sure Smart Patch also contains smart aqua gel coated seed which guarantees germination for the whole season. Furthermore, the premium seed sowing granules provide optimum growing conditions and strong root development.




20 Patches 5 Free patches measuring 45cm diameter


  • In high-traffic areas where the lawn is worn away
  • In and around children’s play areas, such as trampolines
  • In shady conditions, such as under trees
  • Patches caused by pet damage


  • Sew when the soil temperature is between 10-18°C (April to September.)


  • Remove all dead grass, weeds and their roots from the patch.
  • Lightly rake the soil to prepare the patch, breaking up any hard lumps or compacted soil surfaces
  • Hold the spreader by the handle and flip open the spout. Holding by your side, tilt until granules start to flow
  • Apply Gro-Sure® Smart Patch Repair to the patch to 2mm depth
  • Water with a fine spray to moisten the mixture and activate the seed
  • You can apply slightly less when covering thin grass rather than a bare patch


  • First cut at 5-8cm (2-3”) high
  • Gradually lower the cutting height to about 2.5cm (1 inch). Do not remove more than 1/3 of the grass leaf at any one time
  • Feed your lawn after the first 2 cuts
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