Weber Wood Chips Pork Blend

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Embark on new adventures with the barbecued dishes you thought you knew well. Give ribs, pulled pork and chops a tasty twist with this Weber Wood Chip Blend. Here, a variety of hardwoods and fruit woods are mixed in order to create the perfect smoked flavour for your pork dishes – to surprise and impress.

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Weber Wood Chips are 100% natural to give you the authentic flavour of open fire cooking. Smoke is what sets normal cuisine apart from the big, bold taste of Barbecue. Using wood chips, or wood chunks, is a great way to add delicious smoky flavor to your food, and either will provide great results. By simply adding some flavoured wood chunks or chips to your barbecue your food will be taken to a completely new level of delicious. Use with Weber Universal Smoker Box to transform your charcoal or gas barbecue into a smoker.

For the Weber® Pork Wood Chips, Weber® have blended a specially chosen mix of broadleaf and fruit tree wood chips to add a sweet, medium smoke flavour to all types of pork, be it spare ribs, pulled pork or porkchops. When people ask how you make the pork so tasty, just tell them – ‘it’s all in the blend!’. See the Weber website for a full run down of how to smoke on your barbecue.



  • Pre soak chips for 30 minutes before use, draining thoroughly before adding to charcoal or smoke box.
  • See Weber Website for full details on how to smoke on your barbecue.


  • Pork Blend


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  • Resealable plastic bag
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