Tartan & Check Fabric Star with Gold Trim Christmas Ornament 18cm

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Celebrate the festive season with a blend of tradition and elegance through our Tartan & Check Fabric Star with Gold Trim Christmas Ornament. Measuring at 18cm, this charming ornament is a delightful meld of classic Christmas charm and sophisticated aesthetic.


  • Material: Tartan & Check Fabric, Gold Thread, Foam
  • Diameter: 18cm
  • Design: Star-shaped

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Classic Charm: The combination of tartan and check fabric reminisces a timeless Christmas tradition, adding a cosy, homely touch to your festive decor. The star shape, synonymous with the magical Christmas spirit, further enhances the traditional appeal.
  • Elegant Accent: Adorned with a gold trim, this ornament radiates a subtle elegance. The trim delicately frames the star, catching the light and adding a gentle shimmer that contrasts beautifully with the fabric.
  • Versatile Decoration: The versatility of this ornament allows it to blend seamlessly with a variety of Christmas decor styles. Its classic yet sophisticated design makes it a fitting addition to any festive theme, be it rustic, traditional, or elegant.
  • Perfect Size: The 18cm size of this ornament makes it a noticeable yet graceful addition to your Christmas decor. It can be hung on your Christmas tree, placed on a mantelpiece, or even used as part of a festive table setting.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of Christmas tradition while adding a tasteful touch of elegance with our Tartan & Check Fabric Star with Gold Trim Christmas Ornament. The exquisite blend of classic fabric patterns and the delicate gold trim makes this ornament a delightful focal point, enhancing the joyful ambiance of your festive setting. Every glance at this ornament is a gentle reminder of the beautiful blend of tradition and modern elegance, making your Christmas celebration all the more special.

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