Divided Storage Organiser

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Get your home organised with the range of storage options at Kellys Retail. This Divided Storage Organiser can be used in any space with a railing to separate and neatly store items so you can see them easily. Available in lots of sizes and styles you will be sure to find the storage solution that you need to create organised and restful spaces.

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Divided Storage Organiser with 16 compartments to organise and sort your items. A great way to easily store small items like scarves, socks and underwear. The perfect solution if you find clothes getting lost in boxes this sectioned organiser provides compartments so you can see what you own and get full use from the items. Can also be used in a bathroom to store toiletries and cleaning products. Insert into an existing drawer or shelf to organise items for easy use, the handle allows you to pull out the box so you can see easily. Can also be used as under bed storage where space is limited to give you a little bit more breathing room.







40 x 40 x 9cm

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