Sirius Smilla Rechargeable LED Wax Stick Candles Set Of 2

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Elegance meets functionality with the Sirius Smilla Tall Rechargeable Candle Set. This pair of classic tall candles, adorned with a distinctively grooved surface, promises to be a sophisticated addition to any setting.

Crafted with attention to detail, each Smilla candle is shaped from genuine wax, ensuring an authentic look and feel. The static flame, bolstered by a flickering LED light, captures the essence of traditional candles, providing an inviting and warm ambiance.

Whether you’re setting the mood for a romantic dinner or adding a touch of class to your everyday dining experience, the Smilla Tall Rechargeable Set is your perfect companion. The candles, with their grooved design and sleek flat top, seamlessly integrate into any decor. Their functionality is enhanced with the Sirius Remote Control, allowing for easy on/off operations. Alternatively, they can be operated directly from the candle.

Safety and sustainability are at the heart of the Smilla candles. Enjoy up to 120 hours of heartwarming illumination without concerns of fire hazards or environmental impact. And when it’s time to recharge? A brief 2-hour session on the DecoPower Multicharger ensures they’re ready for another round of luminance. With the ability to recharge up to 500 times, these candles offer not just longevity but also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional candles.



  • Energy Source: Rechargeable
  • Material: Stearin
  • Technical Specifications: Remote, Rechargeable
  • Colour: Grey
  • Diameter: Ø2 cm
  • Length: 25 cm

With the Sirius Smilla Rechargeable LED Wax Stick Candles, experience the charm of yesteryears while enjoying the benefits of modern technology. It’s about creating an ambiance, one luminous moment at a time.

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