SIGA Fentrim® 20 Adhesive Tape 100mmx25m

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SIGA Fentrim® 20 100mmx25m is the ideal solution for sealing component joints in indoor solid and metal structures, especially with windows and door frames. This pre-folded, sturdy adhesive tape offers exceptional adhesive strength on its entire surface and is immediately 100% tight upon application.

Designed to provide the fastest bonding to window frames, Fentrim® 20 100mmx25m is pre-folded 15mm without a backing strip. The non-woven material with a perforated zone is perfectly suited for plastering-over, ensuring strong plaster adhesion on masonry.

With a width of 15/085mm and a length of 25m, Fentrim® 20 100mmx25m is the reliable and efficient choice for sealing component joints in your indoor structures. Trust in its robustness and adhesive power for long-lasting protection against air and moisture infiltration.

Width: 100mm (prefold 15mm/85mm)
Length: 25m
Colour: White
Temperature resistance: -40degreeC to +100degreeC
Processing temperature: from -10degreeC
Diffusion equivalent air layer thickness sd: 2m

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 30.00 × 30.00 × 10.00 cm


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