Set of 2 Glass Baubles with Golden Leaves & Glitter – 10cm

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Add a touch of elegance to your Christmas decorations with this set of two exquisite glass baubles. Embellished with golden leaves and a sprinkle of glitter, these 10cm baubles will be the star of your Christmas tree, shining beautifully amidst other decorations.

Product Details

  • Dimension: Each bauble in this set comes in a generous size of 10cm, offering a bold and noticeable adornment for your Christmas tree.
  • Design: The baubles boast a delicate design featuring golden leaves set against a clear glass backdrop, enhanced further with a dusting of glitter that adds a festive sparkle. This design brings a touch of nature indoors, marrying elegance with the festive spirit.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality glass, these baubles have a premium feel and a beautiful shine, reflecting light gorgeously to become a focal point of your decoration.
  • Usage: These glass baubles are not just for your Christmas tree; consider hanging them in windows or using them as a centrepiece in a festive table setting, where they can catch the light and truly shine.

Key Benefits

  • Unique and Elegant: The golden leaves and glitter detailing offer a fresh and elegant take on the traditional Christmas bauble, adding a unique touch to your decorations.
  • Versatile: These baubles can be paired with a range of colour schemes, complementing both modern and traditional styles with their golden accents.
  • High-Quality Material: Being made of glass, these baubles offer a level of quality and reflection that plastic alternatives just can’t match, providing a rich and luxurious feel.

Styling Tip

Pair these baubles with decorations in rich, warm tones such as burgundy and gold to create a festive setup that is both warm and luxurious. They would also pair beautifully with natural elements such as pinecones and greenery, enhancing the natural motif showcased in the baubles’ design.

Invest in this set of 2 Glass Baubles with Golden Leaves & Glitter and bring a piece of the golden autumn landscape into your home this Christmas, adding a warm, festive glow that celebrates the beauty of nature in a stylish, elegant manner.

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Dimensions 10.00 × 10.00 × 10.00 cm


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