Santa Red Belly Curved Doormat

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Begin your Christmas decorating from your front door (or back door) with this charming red Santa doormat

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Christmas is a time for being with loved ones, and what better way to welcome them into your home than with the cheerful and charming red Santa doormat? Featuring the iconic gold buckle and buttons, the Santa belly doormat is instantly recognisable. The rich red finish is the perfect way to keep warm decorative colours running all through the house over the festive period and is sure to bring laughter and smiles to all who visit. The high-quality fibres are strong enough to clean shoes without fading or breaking, and the mat can be used across any room of the house including patios, garage entryways, porches, and laundry rooms. For a really special festive welcome, place at the front door complete with a wreath or garland and a standing snowman or nutcracker soldier for a grand entryway and inviting photo backdrop.



Size: L: 60cm x W: 40cm


Coir, PVC

Weight 1.20 kg
Dimensions 60.00 × 40.00 × 1.50 cm