Giant Plush Emperor Penguin

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With soulful eyes and a velveteen nose, this cute furry friend is sure to melt hearts wherever he goes. Perfect and cute gifts for children. Most suitable as a birthday gift, Christmas gifts, and gifts for animal-themed parties or for decorating a Winter Wonderland for Christmas.

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Giant Plush Emperor Penguin with its signature black and white colouring and dramatic orange markings, this lifelike and quirky stuffed Emperor penguin is ready for fun! Quality construction and great attention to detail make this penguin a durable and lovable pal for kids or as a decoration for a festive Winter Wonderland. It is that rare combination of plush and soft, yet it is also solid and stands easily on its own. Those qualities render it perfect both as a huggable friend and as adorable room décor. This lifelike sea creature is a joy to hug, use as a pillow, snuggle up with, or enjoy for imaginative play! Befriend one and bring it home, or start your own penguin parade with two or more!





100% Polyester


Black, White and Orange



Weight 0.92 kg


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