Pixar UP Levitating House LED Figurine

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The Pixar UP Levitating House LED Figurine is an extraordinary piece of art that will mesmerize Disney and Pixar fans alike. This enchanting figurine, measuring 29.0cm in height, 23.0cm in width, and 15.0cm in depth, is the first of its kind from Disney and is exclusively available from Enesco in the UK.

Featuring Carl’s balloon-powered house from the beloved Pixar film, Up, this figurine levitates below a stormy cloud cluster, giving the impression of a floating house. The high-spec sculpting and painting, which is the trademark of Grand Jester Studios, make this figurine a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

The polarized magnets suspend Carl’s balloon-powered house in mid-air and an LED light indicates when the magnet is activated, making this figurine even more impressive. This is a must-have collectible for any Disney or Pixar fan looking for a unique addition to their collection.

The Pixar UP Levitating House LED Figurine comes in premium gift box packaging, making it an ideal present for a loved one. A USB-supported power cord with a UK plug is included, so you can start enjoying the magic right out of the box. Introduced in January 2021, this figurine is a timeless treasure that will bring joy for years to come.

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Dimensions 30.00 × 23.00 × 36.00 cm


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