Petersons Paragon Lining Paper

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Petersons Lining Paper is a pre-treatment for walls to smooth any imperfections and top stains bleeding through paint. Simply apply like a wallpaper then you can paint or wallpaper on top for a seamless finish.

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Line your walls with Petersons Paragon Lining Paper before you hang wallpaper to create a smooth finish for your walls or ceiling. Lining paper covers small imperfections in the surface of walls and reduces the likelihood of stains and marks on the wall showing through. Either paint or paper on top, its perfect for both. Uses paper from well managed sources. Allows surfaces to breathe and contains no PVC or glass fibres.



1000 Grade




10 x 0.56m (11.2m²)

Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 56.5 × 6 × 6 cm


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