Merlin 90g Chimney Cleaner

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Reduces Soot & Improves Combustion. Suitable for use on all fires, boilers or stoves that burn Coal, Coke and Smokeless Fuels. Not suitable for wood-burning stoves

Merlin improves your fire by reducing soot build-up and improving combustion by keeping flues and chimneys cleaner. However regular sweeping and inspection are essential

Directions for use :

  • When the fire is well lit, using suitable tongs, carefully place the Merlin packet in the centre of the fire
  • After the Merlin has caught fire, to accelerate the action, close the fire damper and close the stove door and/or place a fireproof metal sheet across the fire opening.
  • Let the fire burn out and dispose of cooled ash in the normal way
  • Use Merlin fortnightly for best results

Do not use on stainless steel fires or flue liners, gas or electric fires

Contains: Sodium Nitrate

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