Landmann 3in1 Grill Brush

Landmann barbecue products offer the best to every consumer group. Through functionality and equipment we can adapt to different tastes and lifestyles. To achieve this, Landmann uses all their knowledge and passion to create stunning barbecues and accessories.

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For the best grilling experience, you need the right grill accessories. This essential barbecue tool, with a long handle for safe cleaning. 3 in 1 features brass bristles, plastic sponge and stainless scraper to get your barbecue looking new. Use when the grill is still warm to remove any residual grease and food remnants from the surfaces. The plastic sponge is perfect for enamelled sections of the barbecue like the flame tamers and internal fire bowl. The brass bristles clean grates with ease and the stainless scraper gets any hardened on areas. Cleaning your barbecue regularly will ensure a longer life and top notch food.



Stainless Steel, Brass and Plastic


38 x 7 x 8cm

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