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Unleash your creativity with the Jute Wrapped Metal Hoop, a versatile foundation for countless craft and decor projects. Measuring 40cm in diameter, this robust metal hoop is meticulously wrapped in natural jute cord, lending it an earthy and rustic charm. Available in two classic shades, White and Natural, it seamlessly blends with various design aesthetics.


  • Colours: Available in White or Natural to suit varying decor preferences.
  • Material: Crafted from a strong metal hoop and wrapped meticulously with natural jute cord.
  • Hanging String: Comes equipped with a hanging string, allowing for easy display or incorporation into your projects.


  1. Wreath Making: The hoop serves as an ideal base for creating seasonal or thematic wreaths. Adorn it with artificial flowers, leaves, and other decorations, all of which can be found in our shop.
  2. Hanging Decorations: Its aesthetic appeal makes it perfect for crafting captivating hanging decorations for any setting or occasion.
  3. Mobiles: With its sturdy structure, it’s an excellent choice for constructing whimsical mobiles for nurseries or art installations.
  4. Wedding Decorations: The jute-wrapped metal hoop exudes a romantic aura, making it perfect for crafting dreamy wedding decorations, be it centerpieces, backdrops, or aisle markers.

Whether you’re a seasoned craft enthusiast or someone seeking a new hobby, the Jute Wrapped Metal Hoop offers a canvas limited only by your imagination. Its versatility and timeless design ensure it’s a valuable addition to any craft or decor project.

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