Jet Flame Easy Torch

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When you need a hot, reliable flame a Jet Flame Easy Torch is your best option. Torch lighters create a thin, needle-like flame that is hotter (reaching 2,500 F) and more intense than those from common lighters. They maintain a consistent stream of air-propelled fire regardless of the angle at which it is held, making them perfect for all your fire lighting needs.

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The Jet Flame Angled Torch is a refillable torch lighter with a unique adjustable angle design, sleek form, remarkable quality and a powerful jet flame. The Torch is distinctive and easy to find, unlike traditional lighters, so you won’t waste time finding it. Designed with an adjustable angle that makes lighting fuel safer and easier. This key feature makes it a perfect torch for any chef, outdoor enthusiast or simply for use around the home.



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  • Single Windproof Jet Flame
  • Adjustable Flame & Angle
  • Safety Lock/Ignition Hold
  • Butane Refillable




Plastic and Metal


  • Keep lighters away from children
  • Ignite lighter away from face, clothing and others
  • Beware of flame, which my be invisible in bright light
  • Actual heat length is longer than visible flame
  • Be sure flame is fully extinguished after use


10 x 10x 5cm

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm