Insect Hotel

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Watch your garden flourish with this Insect Hotel and protect your plants with the power of insects. A convenient and eco-friendly alternative to toxic glyphosate pesticides, you can place this in your garden and let the insects go to work! What’s more, the insects will attract birds and other wildlife to your garden.

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The wooden insect hotel offers numerous beneficial insects a comfortable place to nest! The wooden insect house is equipped with materials and drill holes that insects love. This makes it particularly easy for bees, bumblebees, ladybirds and the like to set up their home. The roof and a detail are painted so you can protect nature and give your garden decoration. Orient your insect sanctuary to the south and hang it in a protected place. A height of around 1.5 meters is ideal, then your wooden insect hotel will be exactly in the trajectory of the beneficial insects, which will soon set about fighting aphids in your garden in a natural way! The insects will also pollinate your flowers and vegetables so you can save seeds and see plenty of fruit on trees, bushes and plants.



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Green and Yellow


Fir Wood


9 x 13 x 26cm

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