Hozelock Cart With Maxi Plus Hose

This Hose Cart with Maxi Plus Hose has everything you need to kit your garden out for watering and cleaning. Hozelock has combined a knowledge and passion for gardening with a pride in craftsmanship, for over 60 years. The comprehensive range of watering, spraying, plant protection & pond solutions helps gardens to flourish & come to life. See Kellys Retail for our range of Hozelock products.

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Product Description

Our Hozelock pre-assembled Hose Cart with Maxi Plus Hose & Fittings provides the gardener with a highly mobile watering solution. The cart comes ready assembled so no need to fit it together. The wheels on the cart are sturdy and non-puncturing so will be minimal maintenance, which is great for the user. The cart is designed with people in mind, with it having a decent metal handle that features hose connectors to stow the hose end on moving. There is also an angled stand so the cart does not unbalance when the user is watering their garden. It also features an extra slot built for the hose connectors to be stowed. The hose has four layers, a smooth PVC inner layer to allow maximum flow, a thick PVC layer to add strength, a braided polyester layer to stop expansion of the hose and a tough PVC outer layer.


Please note: The fittings are contained in the centre of the reel underneath the hose.



60m Reel Capacity

30m x 13mm Standard Hose

1”, 3/4” and 1/2” tap connectors

Includes Hose Connectors, AquaStop Connector and Nozzle

Manual Rewind


PVC, Plastic and Metal



Weight 6.31 kg
Dimensions 52 × 41 × 52 cm