Glass Vase with Gold Relief 25cm

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Experience a blend of simplicity and opulence with the Glass Vase with Gold Relief. Standing at a modest height of 25cm, this vase is more than just a vessel for flowers; it’s a statement piece that captures attention and elevates any space it occupies.


  • Material: Crafted from high-quality, transparent glass, this vase promises durability while offering a clear view of its contents.
  • Gold Relief: The vase’s standout feature is its intricate gold relief, which gracefully dances around its exterior. This design element not only adds a touch of luxury but also provides texture and depth to the vase.
  • Height: The 25cm stature makes it versatile for various floral arrangements, from long-stemmed roses to compact bouquets.


  1. Floral Arrangements: Its design complements a wide range of flowers, from vibrant blooms to subdued, minimalist arrangements.
  2. Centerpieces: Place it at the center of a dining table or a coffee table for an instant touch of sophistication.
  3. Shelf Decor: Even without flowers, the Glass Vase with Gold Relief stands as a decorative piece on its own. Place it on a bookshelf, mantel, or console table to elevate the decor.
  4. Gift: Its universal appeal makes it a thoughtful gift for various occasions, be it weddings, housewarmings, or anniversaries.

Care Instructions: To maintain its pristine look, it’s recommended to gently hand wash the vase, avoiding abrasive materials that might scratch the glass or damage the gold relief.

With the Glass Vase with Gold Relief, you’re not just getting a functional item but a piece of art that brings a touch of luxury and elegance to any setting. Whether you’re displaying fresh blooms or dried botanicals, this vase promises to be the perfect backdrop, enhancing the beauty of its contents.

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