Gardman Hanging Basket Chain

Refresh, customise or repair your hanging basket with a new chain to suit your tastes. Simply clip or hook the chain to your hanging basket and you’re good to go. Can also be used for hanging other items around your garden to create a beautiful display.

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Product Description

Prolong the life of your hanging baskets with our reliable chains. Our 23″ (60cm) chain has 3 strands with clips for secure attachment. The strands are centralised on a hook for easy hanging. Made from galvanised steel, our replacement chains are sturdy and rust resistant. Made to withstand different weather types throughout the year. Use these versatile Hanging Basket Replacement Chains to hang your metal, wire or plastic baskets. No need to throw away your hanging basket if the chain snaps. Simply give it a new lease of life with one of these easy-to-fit replacement chains. Not just for baskets, these versatile chains can hang other decorative features either inside or outside your home. Use them to hang bird feeders, lanterns, wind chimes and more.



Galvanised Steel



Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 21 cm

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