Faithfull 10m Cable Reel

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The Faithfull Cable Reel offers plenty for a compact reel. 4 shuttered sockets and a cable length of 10m make it a great source of power that is easily transported.

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The Faithfull 10m Cable Reel fits comfortably in the hand and provides 4 shuttered sockets. This compact cassette reel ensures that the cable is fully protected while in storage and in transit. It’s also safe while in use so you can get your jobs done easily. Fitted with a thermal overload protection system that prevents overheating damaging the cable. The cable reel feature four shuttered plug sockets. BS-approved plugs and a back grip handle with a rotating winding knob making it easy to wind and to use. Manufactured to Kitemark KM61209.



  • Length:                                          10m
  • Amps:                                             10
  • Sockets:                                         4
  • Voltage:                                         240V
  • Max. Load Fully Unwound:       2400W (10A)
  • Max. Load Fully Wound:             720W (3A)
  • Type: Cassette


  • BS-approved plugs
  • Back grip handle
  • Rotating winding knob


NOTE: All cable reels should be fully unwound before they are used to carry their recommended maximum load


25 x 19 x 10cm

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 19.4 × 9.8 cm