Exitex 933mm Threshex Sill

Exitex is the leading developer and distributor of high quality, weather-proofing products for doors, windows, conservatories and joinery applications. This Exitex Threshex provides the perfect seal for doors so your home is protected from the elements. Kellys Retail stocks a range of Exitex draught sealing products so you can weatherproof your home.

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Product Description

Door thresholds are there to protect against the elements and Exitex have a top quality solution. Stop draughts, rain, wet and cold weather from entering your home or indoor environment. By reversing the seal the Exitex Threshex is suitable for inward or outward opening doors with moderate exposure. This product does not present an obstacle to wheeled traffic making ideal for disabled users. Conforms to new building regulations part M. The unique design of this seal eliminates the need to rebate the bottom of the door, it can be left square. Sub Seal allows installation onto wet or dry thresholds without messy mastics


Under door clearance of 14 – 17mm


Milled Aluminium




  • Remove rubber seal from Aluminium sill section. Check width between inside faces of the doorframe rebate and cut aluminium section to this size.
  • Notch corners of the Threshex sill to fit it neatly around corners of the doorframe.
  • Cut rubber seals to length and insert into aluminium.
  • This sill requires an under door clearance of 17mm. If necessary, remove door and trim to allow for this, ensuring bottom of door is smooth to avoid damage to rubber seal.
  • Position the assembled sill between the doorframe and mark fixing points through countersunk holes. Remove sill, drill fixing holes and insert plugs.
  • Apply sealing compound to underside groove at front and back of sill. Ensure rubber seals are in situ and screw sill into place.





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