Exitex 914mm Replacement Double Sealing Sill

Exitex is the leading developer and distributor of high quality, weather-proofing products for doors, windows, conservatories and joinery applications. This Exitex Replacement Double Sealing Sill (DSS)  provides the perfect seal for doors so your home stays warmer for longer. Kellys Retail stocks a range of Exitex draught sealing products so you can weatherproof your home.

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Product Description

Door Seals work to stop heat escaping out from underneath doors and Exitex have a top quality solution. This Exitex replacement seal is to suit the Double Sealing Sill (DSS), Macclex Sills (MXS), Slimline Threshold (SLT) and Weatherten Lower (WTB). Old seals become hard and brittle causing them to remain in inefficient shapes so it is important to replace them when you see them becoming worn. A large percentage of home heat is lost  underneath exterior doors that have poorly functioning seals. A brilliant way to save on your energy bill and keep your house warmer for longer is to replace door seals.



  • Double Sealing Sill (DSS)
  • Macclex Sills (MXS)
  • Slimline Threshold (SLT)
  • Weatherten Lower (WTB)






  • Remove old seal by pulling it through the hole in the retaining groove.
  • Make sure the grooves are free from dust, grit, etc.
  • Cut the new seal to size, groove length plus 12mm.
  • Moisten the seal groove with liquid soap to allow the new seal to slide in easily.
  • Slide the new rubber seal into the groove.





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