Exitex 914mm Expelex Weather Deflector

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Exitex is the leading developer and distributor of high quality, weather-proofing products for doors, windows, conservatories and joinery applications. This Exitex Expelex Weather Deflector provides the perfect seal for doors so your home is protected from the elements. Kellys Retail stocks a range of Exitex draught sealing products so you can weatherproof your home.

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Door thresholds are there to protect against the elements and Exitex have a top quality solution. Stop draughts, rain, wet and cold weather from entering your home or indoor environment. The Exitex Expelex Weather Deflector is suitable for both inward and outward opening doors. Supplied complete with the endcaps which eliminate sharp corners and raw edges. Can be used along with an Exitex Weatherbar.






  • Remove rubber seals from aluminium section. Close the door to which the deflector is to be fitted and measure the distance between the doorframe rebates on the outside.
  • Using a fine toothed hacksaw, cut the aluminium 6mm shorter to allow for protective weather deflecting end caps.
  • Cut rubber seals to length, insert seals and carefully install end caps on to the deflector. This must be done before the deflector is fitted to the door.
  • Now screw into position, ensuring that the sealing blade lightly contacts the threshold when the door is closed. Ensure fixing screws are inserted within 25mm (1”) of the edges of the door. Drill extra holes if necessary.





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