Edelman Garden Windmill Spinner

This bright and colourful Windmill Spinners make a great addition to the garden for kids and adults! Watch their rainbow windmills turn with joy in the wind, children love to see how fast they can go. Decorate indoors or outdoors with them and enjoy the delightful colours!

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Product Description

Windmill Spinners are a favourite of children, they love to watch them spin! Take them to park, to the beach or decorate the garden with them. Great for free play and imaginative outdoor activities. When it’s windy, the colourful windmill will rotate to create visual delight and fun whirring sounds. A great addition for a kids sensory garden. Place them in flower pots, flower beds, lawns. Attach them to your treehouse to see where the wind is sailing to today! This bright and fun Windmill Spinner will bring life to your garden, also can be wonderful decoration for kid’s room, party, and store window.



Multi Coloured


Plastic and Wood


32 x 15 x 75cm

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 32.00 × 15.00 × 75.00 cm