De Vielle Oil Filled Radiator

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De Vielle Oil Filled Radiator is excellent at retaining heat and warming your home. With the amazing ability to stay warm and retain heat for longer you’ll notice the drop in your energy bill!

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Much more efficient than traditional electric heaters, the electric heating elements in this heater are submerged in oil. Electric heaters work by turning the element on and off depending on the temperature at the thermostat. This can result in a very uneven heat, especially in a very cold room. The oil works as a buffer for the heat, and uses its large thermal mass to output constant heat, even when the elements are off between heating cycles. The heater has a dial thermostat to control the heating power, and switches to control the element power.





  • Rated power:              1500W
  • Voltage:                         220V-240V


  • Constant heat output
  • Oil acts as thermal buffer
  • Large surface area from fins
  • Portable on four castors


16 x 31 x 62cm

Weight 8.40 kg
Dimensions 16.00 × 31.00 × 62.00 cm