De Vielle Stove Thermometer

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The Eco Stove Pipe Thermometer is used as an energy meter to save fuel and improve the performance and efficiency of your stove. It shows the best operating temperature for your multi-fuel or wood-burning stove. An overheating stove can burn fuels too fast and can even damage parts of the stove. A stove under temperature tells you that you need to add fuel or draught and can cause creosote in your flue. The thermometer attaches magnetically to the stove flue or pipe. The display has 3 zones which indicate the best operating temperature.

In zone 1 the stove will be under temperature and possibly creating more soot and creosote. In zone 2 the stove will be operating at the most optimum temperature. In zone 3 the stove will be overheating and you could possibly be wasting fuels.

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