Amtech 6″ Plastering Splash Brush

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Amtec Splash Brush uses a mix of natural and synthetic bristles to achieve a premium quality brush that holds water well so you can get jobs done faster. Can also be used for paint work, staining and varnishing.

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A traditional wooden handled plasterers Splash Brush, typically used for brushing plaster into cornice and ceiling rose moulds. Use for wetting down before final sponging or trowelling.  Water brush with traditional wooden handle copper bound and pure mixed bristle. The hybrid water brushes that use a mix of synthetic and pure bristles to achieve a premium water brush that outperforms most pure bristle brushes on the market. Retains water longer than pure bristle brushes allowing you to get 6/7 trowels before having to wet the brush again – ideal for speeding up work and working the material you’ve applied easier. Can also be used for interior and exterior paints, emulsion, stains and varnishes. The long filaments can manage smooth, rough or textured surfaces. Shaped wooden handle for superior comfort with a hanging hole for easy storage.



6″   (150mm)


Synthetic and Natural Bristles. Copper Ferrule. Wooden Handle


Clean the brush immediately after usage and in between paintings. Wash the base of the bristles well. Never store your brushes vertically in the water, store clean brushes vertically, head-side up.

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