Colourful Beaded Curtain

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Decorate your space in style with a beaded window curtain that you won’t find anywhere else. A delicate, colorful design that is a work of art when hung in your home. Not only is it beautiful, the curtain provides a screen that lets the breeze in but deters animals and insects from entering your home, the perfect balance for cool summer days.

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This beaded door curtain is perfect as a room divider or screen. With a wonderful array of coloured wooden beads, it lets natural light and fresh air stream in while deterring insects. This beaded curtain is ideal for apartments, patio bars and balconies. It is perfect for keeping flies, mosquitoes and other insects out of your house so you can enjoy your day or take a nap without being disturbed. It can also be used as a bright decoration that can inspire other colourful choices. Its dense wooden lengths provide privacy so that it can be hung over doorways. Installation is easy with all fittings included, the curtain rail hangs on 2 hooks and can be put up or taken down in moments.





1.5 x 90 x 200cm


Weight 1.30 kg
Dimensions 13.00 × 6.00 × 91.00 cm