Carplan Aerosol De-Icer

Get ready for winter with this De-Icer Aerosol that acts quick and effectively. An efficient de-icer aerosol that quickly defrosts windows to help you get moving sooner on cold winter mornings.
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In extreme weather conditions, knowing how to de-ice your car can ensure that you keep yourself and other drivers on the road safe. It can also prevent you from causing any unnecessary damage to your car, which can occur if you try to scrape the ice off with the wrong equipment or apply boiling water to the windscreen. Prep your car on icy mornings in no time with this De-Icer. Save time on ice scraping and repeated water runs, simply spray and watch the ice disappear. Formulated to effectively defrost windscreens leaving a clear finish for increased visibility. Works perfectly in freezing temperatures where water would refreeze, the aerosol prevents re-freezing down to -15°C.





Keep out of reach of children.

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