Bag of Softwood Logs

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Softwood Logs are guaranteed to perform well. Being thoroughly dry means they will light without problems, burn excellently and cleanly, and provide high heat output.

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Softwood is a brilliant firewood. Ready to burn and produce a mighty blaze that put out a fantastic heat. Split and cut to 25cm lengths they fit a majority of wood burners. These premium softwood logs are usually a mix of conifers (pine, fir, spruce, and cedar) from sustainably managed woodlands. Softwood tends to be a lower density than hardwood (i.e. the same size log will be lighter), because of this, softwood burns a little faster but is much easier to light. If you are looking for a fire that is easy to start and gives you lots of flame and heat, then softwood is a really good option. It can be combined with other solid fuels to maximize the burn time.



Softwood Logs (Pine, Fir, Spruce and Cedar)




Store indoors or in a log store for best results. If storing outdoors stack neatly to provide air ventilation and cover to prevent moisture.


57 x 32 x 16cm

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Dimensions 57 × 32 × 16 cm