Heavy Duty Picnic Table

Enhance your outdoor space sustainably with this traditional picnic table made from pressure treated redwood. Boasting a heavy duty timber for long lifespan it is a staple garden accessory for entertaining guests.

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Heavy duty 6 seat A frame picnic table is perfect for both household and commercial environments. Its sturdy design and thicker timbers give strength and durability for all your social events. Made from timbers which are all sustainably sourced from well-managed forests. The pressure treatment reaches deep into the timber to prevent rotting and decay and give a much longer lifespan of up to 20 years. Natural splitting and cracking may occur but will not affect the structure of the product. The table top, seats and framework are made from 44mm redwood timber. Can be painted your favourite colour to match other accent colours, stained to your liking or left natural. Folding seats allow the table to be reduced in size when not in use.


Note: The price is undelivered and unassembled


Pressure treated Redwood timber


Natural wood


Store picnic table away from direct sunlight and damp places. To clean your table, simply wipe it over with an almost dry damp cloth. Best stored indoors during winter months as buildup of foliage, ice or snow can trap moisture, which can, overtime, lead to rot.


150 × 124 × 67 cm

Weight 30 kg

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