Smart Garden Solar Large Torch

For dramatic, ambient and stylish outdoor lighting, solar is the way to go for sustainability. Stake lights are the best way of illuminating your garden and highlighting your favourite spots, plants and pathways. Kelly’s Retail stocks a full range of outdoor lighting so you can create your idyllic space for evening enjoyment.

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Product Description

This beautifully designed solar torch light produces a jaw-dropping lighting effect which looks and moves exactly like a real flame. The design is finished with ornate design that creates diffuse light, adding detail and style. Ready to be inserted into beds or lawns, they look great alongside features or pathways within your garden to highlight areas and make navigating at night a little easier.  Our solar stake lights are fitted with a solar cell, a rechargeable battery, an LED light (or multiple) and a photoresistor. The cell absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it to LED light at night. The photoresistor turns your lights on and off depending on the solar light levels. So your solar lights charge all day and turn on automatically at night, and off in the morning, simple! Cared for well, garden solar lights will last for years and and are the final touch of atmosphere in your outdoor space.



Cool White Light






We recommend cleaning with a soft dry cloth. Do not use abrasive materials as these will damage the finish.



Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 75 cm