Adjustable Feed & Weed Bar For Watering Can

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Make your simple watering can into a handy multi-purpose spot weeding and lawn feeding machine with this Adjustable Feed & Weed Bar. Comes complete with an adapter to fit all watering cans with spouts up to 3cm in diameter. Adjustable width from 10cm (4″) up to 50cm (20″) allows for spot weeding right up to lawn feeding.

Suitable for use with all soluble chemicals, making it ideal for liquid fertiliser, iron sulphate or weed killer. Therefore, reducing the time spent applying lawn care products. It is also useful for watering pots, tubs and greenhouse plant trays. It will help you with even application to minimise streaking and ‘missed’ areas.


Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 15.10 × 4.50 × 25.20 cm

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